What we've been up to Lately

The Perilous Fight
Looking to the campaign of ‘Black Lives Matter’, Nedra McClyde has created a short narrative the looks to articulate the anxiety a black parent feels for their child, knowing they [...]
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The Power of Art
Eight years ago, the artist Shepard Fairey made the iconic image that captured a period of HOPE in America. Today we are in a very different moment, one that requires [...]
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Back to Basics of Qindness in Spirituality
At a moment when the world seems to be spinning out of control, religion might feel irrelevant — or like part of the problem. But Rabbi Sharon Brous believes we [...]
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The Smile Project
We love this story about the Smile Project that was shared with us from Bored Panda. Mehmet Genç is a Turkish travel photographer who goes by the name of Rotasiz [...]
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